Bondi Produce Market Report April 17th 2023

This week markets will firm a bit on Florida veg due to the rain we expect to receive over the next two days. Supply will get tight on cucumbers, squash, and tomatoes, as growers are not able to harvest and/or will have to slow down production due to rain delays.
Transition to South Georgia and Coachella, are still several weeks away and we could see very active markets again soon. The hot pepper market is slowly improving with Serrano, Shishito and Anaheim the highest priced and shortest available. Round and snacking tomatoes are still in excellent supply at all shipping points while romas have tightened up a bit.
Transition from Yuma to Salinas has started, so expect very unstable supply on many of the wet veg items during the end of the Yuma season and the beginning of the Salinas season. March rains and cool weather has delayed the start of the season by approx. 10-14 days. As Mexican production winds down, markets are expected to see an increase, especially large and jumbo-sized asparagus. Typically, Peruvian asparagus usually ramps up at this time; however, Peru was impacted by a cyclone in mid-March.