Bondi Produce Market Report April 24th 2023

Markets are firming up a bit on tomatoes as we begin transitioning to the Ruskin/Palmetto region in Florida. We also have been seeing rain throughout the Sunshine State which has slowed production down on peppers, squash and cucumber. The hot pepper market is slowly improving with serrano, shishito and anaheim the highest priced and shortest available.

Transition is in full swing with most shippers having transitioned to Salinas and the remaining transitioning this week. The Salinas Valley finds itself well behind schedule, with early reports showing far below budget yields on all major commodities.

Current markets reflect delayed harvest in Salinas with quality and supply challenges for the end of Yuma. It is no surprise that we are seeing the impact of the heavy rains and flooding from January through March. Expectations are that THERE WILL BE DISRUPTION AND VOLATILITY in the coming month. Prorates and 10-week averages may come into play in the coming weeks.