Bondi Produce Market Report December 12th 2022

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What you need to know this week:


Florida commodities are beginning to turn the corner and we are seeing more availability but expect some volatility for the remainder of the year. The entire tomato and mixed vegetable category crossing through Otay remain short due to weather impacts and virus. Round tomato production out of Mainland Mexico and Florida continues to be shorter than normal. Fortunately, we did see softer markets this week due to a combination of factors putting downward pressure on the market. A lack of demand as well as more viability of romas have been major contributors to this but we still expect volatility over the next several weeks due to lighter volume and holiday volatility. We are seeing extreme pricing and shortages expected to continue on Serrano and Anaheim peppers due to cold weather impacting the growing regions in Mexico. Along with being significantly ahead of schedule on all crops, weather in the Yuma area remains much cooler than normal for this time of year, on average 10 degrees below normal. The cool conditions are not allowing product to move forward or size up and will keep supply tight over the next 2 weeks on many items. Currently all items are 1-2 weeks behind harvest schedule although availability has improved slightly on some items.

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