Bondi Produce Market Report July 26th 2023



Cucumbers are snug despite good volume in the east and crossing through Texas. We are seeing very light volume crossing through Otay, due to cool weather in June, but hope this improves over the next two weeks. The hot pepper market is very active with Sinaloa completed; Baja late to start and this is driving prices higher with strong demand on the Mexican national market keeping a majority of the Mexican crop in Mexico. California is starting to scratch on hot peppers. Tomatoes are tighter this week crossing from Mexico, the east volume seems to be getting better in Alabama, Tennessee, and North Carolina, and California has slowed down due to the heat in the valley. Cantaloupe and honeydews production is now in full swing out of Firebaugh and Patterson.

With improved weather, supplies on celery, red cabbage, broccoli, and lettuce are slowly improving in Salinas with very good quality. Large-sized avocados from Mexico (48s & larger) will be extremely tight for the foreseeable future, but there are plenty of smaller sizes (70s & smaller) available. Pricing has continued to decline on smaller sizes, while larger fruit has remained at the higher pricing. Due to the sizing curve, retailers are sizing down, which may pressure the smaller avocado markets.