Bondi Produce Market Report June 12th 2023


Markets are easing back on tomatoes as volume improves out of Mexico and the southeast. Supply is stable on pepper, cucumber, squash, and corn out of South Georgia, we are seeing more hot pepper available. Melons have transitioned to the desert and are slowly ramping up, but honeydews will remain the shortest and substitutions may be necessary. The table grape market is beginning to slide back as volume increases out of the desert and crossing through Nogales. We should see green grapes drop first followed by the reds, and we believe the market will remain active this week then should stabilize.

Supplies are improving in the Salinas Valley and markets continue to settle. We will still see some growers have unstable supplies as we navigate through June, but we are not anticipating and major shortages over the next few weeks. Celery supplies are slowly improving, but the market is still very active, and Salinas will be starting in a light way with improved volume by the end of the month.

The avocado market is likely be short-term with plenty of volumes available from all COOs, however, it’s only a matter of time before inventories build and the market is over-supplied.