Bondi Produce Market Report May 29th 2023

Markets remain strong on tomatoes out of Mexico and Florida this week. Fortunately, we are seeing some additional crossings and lighter demand which is holding prices relatively stable, although the next few weeks, may be tricky with delays in Baja, Quincy or South Carolina. We expect to see active markets through the rest of May on and possibly June rounds and romas, with a possibility for shortages.
Supplies are stable on pepper, cucumber, squash, and corn out of South Georgia. The hot pepper market continues to improve, poblanos were tighter this week and shishito and mini sweets remain short. Offshore melons are almost done for the season and the market volume will be challenging over the next 7-10 days. The grape market remains very tight and no relief in sight for another 7-10 days. Supply continues to improve in the Salinas Valley and markets continue to settle at lower levels on lettuce, romaine, leaf items, broccoli, and cauliflower.
We will still see some growers continue to have unstable supplies through the balance of the month of May and into June, but we are not anticipating and major shortages over the next few weeks. In the next few weeks, the avocado pricing will likely adjust up & down as a few transitions occur. Mexico’s current crop is winding down, but it will overlap with the beginning of the Loca harvest, and it is unknown how Jalisco will affect the market this year. More orchards have been approved for export to the U.S., and its biggest impact will be evening out the Michoacán transition between old crop and Loca.