Bondi Produce Market Report May 8th 2023


Transition to the Ruskin/Palmetto region on tomatoes is complete, product is good, but volume is light. We are also seeing lighter numbers on peppers and cucumbers, while corn remains steady setting the stage for transition to South Georgia. The hot pepper market is slowly improving with serrano, shishito and anaheim the highest priced and shortest available. Supply is stable on round, roma and snacking Tomatoes crossing through Nogales and McAllen.

There are a few shippers still shipping from Huron through next week but all other wet veg is shipping from Salinas and Santa Maria. Look for supplies to continue to be very unstable through the month of May as the Salinas Valley is behind schedule on many major commodities. We continue to anticipate disruption in the coming month with prorates and 10-week averages will most likely continue in the coming weeks.