Bondi Produce Market Report November 28th 2022

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Most Florida commodities continue to struggle and expected to do so for the remainder of the year; however we are starting to see improving availability on squash, cucumbers, and green bells. Colored pepper supply continues to remain tight and although we are in transition to Baja and Coachella, we are seeing slow starts. The entire tomato and mixed vegetable category crossing through Otay remain short due to weather impacts and virus. South Georgia is done for the season. In Mexico, a rapid decline to critically low availability is driving prices higher. Weather related pressure as well as virus pressure combined with high demand are pushing markets to extreme levels. Florida continues to deal with the impacts of Hurricane Ian. Yuma transition is complete with all shippers shipping out of Yuma and the desert regions. Desert temperatures have been below normal, and we have been seeing frost most days in the past week with more frost in the forecast into next week. Weather forecast for Yuma is to remain below normal temperature, which is causing crops are to mature slower than normal, which will continue to put pressure on supplies and markets.

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