Bondi Produce Market Report October 11th 2023

Steady volume expected on squash, cucumbers, corn, and bell pepper out of South Georgia. Squash is scratching out of the Sonoran Desert which will be followed by cucumber, then bell pepper over the next three weeks. Tomatoes will wrap up out of the local and mountain regions over the next week and start transitioning to Quincy, FL. Supply expected to be stable through October then transition to the Ruskin Palmetto region in early November, the California season is finishing up over the next two weeks while we expect the early fall and winter programs out of Central Mexico to increase over the next three weeks.
The hot pepper market remains very active, and we are starting to see more inventory become available – Habanero and serrano seem to be the shortest. Table grape markets are extreme due to severe losses and impacts of Hurricane Hillary and pineapples remain short which we expect to continue through October. The start of the Aventajada avocado harvest is a very good sign for a smooth transition into Q4. Historically, this timeframe has experienced gaps in supply with multiple transitions occurring simultaneously. While Peru and California are making their exit, Mexico has been comfortably increasing volume week-over-week.
Huron, CA lettuce, romaine, and leaf items will start the week of Oct 16th, so we are only 2 weeks away and early reports are quality is good. Weather in the Salinas Valley will be unseasonably hot over the next few days with some areas reaching temps into the high 90’s. Anticipate some heat related issues, especially on lettuce and leafy greens for the balance of the Salinas season.