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Weekly Market Rundown

Busy week ahead! So we’ll keep it short and sweet. California has made it through a heatwave in all of their growing areas. This may affect supply but growers are assessing conditions as crops mature. On the tomato front, we do expect Roma and Grape tomatoes to improve as we have production slowly increasing in newer areas; adding more product into the supply chain! And look out for a dedicated Local Market Report we’ll be releasing separately!

West Coast:

Lettuces are are looking good with some great colour and texture, however we are seeing sporadic fringe burns and with demand increasing…we expect pricing to increase as well if we are seeing yields reduced as crops mature.

Strawberries have reached peak supply on the west coast and we expect volumes to remain steady throughout with good temperatures maintaining. However, new planting may be delayed as the focus will be the quality during the hot weather.

Blueberries season has finished in Mexico and we are past the peak of Baja production. We will be expecting the San Joaquin Valley to decrease for the next few weeks with temperatures affecting quality. Production will look to transition towards the East.

Blackberries / Raspberries Blackberries are on an upward trend coming out of California and Baja with supplies looking better than expected; Raspberries also!

Peppers Good quality still seen in REDS, however the heatwave will likely affect sizing and possible scalding. Yellow Peppers will be lighter in supply but with strong quality.

Navel Oranges Fruit is at its optimal taste. We are nearing the end of the season as we transition into CA Valencias. We will see some tightness in supply with Navels.

Limes Availability increased and consistency is seen from harvests! However, the market isn’t still a bit volatile with the larger sizes however we do expect some relief as we come into July! **We do need to be cautious of the weather as there are expectations for a higher probability for an active hurricane season.

East Coast:

Tomatoes: Rounds, Romas, Grapes, Cherry will be closely monitored as demand still increasing coupled with supply gradually decreasing this past week as we have transitioned over to South GA. We’ll be awaiting new crop over the coming weeks with quality and ripeness being mixed. The same goes for product out of Mexico.


Freight rates continue to rise and we aren’t seeing any relief with regards to transportation as demand continues to climb. The demand for trucks and drivers as more and more are needed for the transport of vaccines and COVID-19 related supplies across the US and Canada which has of course affected freight rates of our perishables. We and our partner distributors in the US continue to work and negotiate the best rates with reliable companies and hope you understand the challenges faced with this aspect in the supply chain.

LOCAL…We’ve got some new selections below and we can’t wait for the season to build with more!

Fava Beans…Double Shucking required!

Bunched Carrots – Orange, Red, Yellow…Flying off the shelves!

Bunched Radishes – Red, Cincinnati, Icicle…There’s Garlic, and then there’s Black Garlic…from Ontario no doubt

Gooseberries…Tart, and perfect for your crudo dishes!

Garlic – Green, Scapes…Welcome to flavour country!

Onion Red – New Bulb…Fresher, Crisper, Flavourful!

Turnips – Baby Bunch…The cutest things ever!

Heirloom Lettuce – Mixed…from White Lily Farms! Enjoy some Red Oak, Green Oak, Red Gem, Green Gem and the notorious Ice Queen Lettuce (Wavy Iceberg)

Zucchini Flowers (Female)…Test your skills with the Baby Zucchini attached to the Flower!

Cool Imports

Harry’s Berries…Last call!

AGRETTI…aka Monk’s Beard, aka Salsola Soda! It’s back!

Apricots…California Stonefruit is coming in hot! Plums are next! And this gets us even more excited as we await local Stonefruit. But enjoy these California product while you can as the quality is great right now.

Artichokes…Available now! Out of California, a summer favourite and quality is looking EXCELLENT. How do you enjoy them?

Cotton Candy Grapes…The grape that just makes you feel like you bit into a Gushers candy…but these ones are healthy!

Black Sapphire Grapes…Sweet, Firm, unique in shape!


Labour being an issue coupled with availability on larger sizes (#1, Select, Portobello) because of a Button shortage over the past week or so.


Sizing and Availability will be improving in the coming weeks over all as we’ve seen some issues with the larger to jumbo sizes in the past few weeks.


Supply is limited with escalated prices due to a very active market.


Romas are seeing some active markets due to continued demand coupled with declining supplies. Grape and Cherry Tomatoes will have extremely limited supply as we await Georgia and South Carolina to begin their harvests; so we do expect some pricing escalation.