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Civic Holiday Hours | Market Report - July 20th
July 20, 2021
Civic Holiday Hours | Market Report – July 20th
Civic Holiday Hours


Saturday July 31st -...

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June 30, 2021
Canada Day Hours


Wednesday June 30th - Open | Regular Hours

Thursday July 1st - CLOSED


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Market Report - June 16th
June 16, 2021
Market Report – June 16th

Okay so let's start with the US West Coast, work our way East, and then North to our Local selections!

West Coast:

Ideal growing...

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Market Report - June 4th
June 4, 2021
Market Report – June 4th
Weekly Market Rundown

We've missed you! As we gear up and hit the ground running for our Local season, we still see ideal growing conditions...

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Market Report - May 11th
May 11, 2021
Market Report – May 11th

We hope everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend!

Quality and supply are good on most items as weather slowly begins to maintain in our new growing regions,...

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Market Report - Apr 26th
April 26, 2021
Market Report – Apr 26th

Okay so let's run it down!

Strawberries...disaster this past week. But we should be AT LEAST in supply with them going forward and we hope this sustains....

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Market Update - Apr 16th
April 16, 2021
Market Update – Apr 16th

Hey!'s the WEEKLY MARKET UPDATE! Let's keep it somewhat brief and but like informative...'cause that's important.

Supply and quality overall is...

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Market Report - March 17th
March 25, 2021
Market Report – March 17th

AVOCADOS: Growers are controlling harvest volumes to maintain consistent overall supply. This may result in a slight increase in price as par...

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Market Report - March 8th
March 8, 2021
Market Report – March 8th

AVOCADOS: Harvest from Mexico have diminished. Expect prices to escalate as pull from other regions increase.


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Market Report - Feb 16th
February 16, 2021
Market Report – Feb 16th

Mushrooms: Labour shortages may impact availability on certain sizing choices; namely Button.

Artichokes: Supplies are...

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Market Report - Jan 26th
January 26, 2021
Market Report – Jan 26th

Artichokes: Supplies are limited due to colder weather.

Bananas: Product sourcing from non-storm impacted areas is affecting...

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Market Report - Dec 15th
December 21, 2020
Market Report – Dec 15th

Bananas: In an ACT OF GOD status due to hurricane weather. Currently sourcing from non-hurricane impacted areas have escalated prices signif...

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