Civic Holiday Hours | Market Report – July 20th

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Monday August 2nd – CLOSED

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Tuesday August 3rd – NO Home Delivery – Order BY 2pm SHARP for Thursday

Thursday August 5th – #BONDIDAY

Weekly Market Rundown

Feelin’ hot hot hot! We hit some high temperatures in our California growing regions, ranging from 44°C-46°C!

On the flipside…Tropical Storm Elsa has affected crops from South Carolina to New Jersey over the weekend. As a result, we may see delays this week which could impact market pricing and possibly supply in terms of availability, shelf life and overall quality over the next several weeks. We are keeping a close eye on this issue and will make adjustments if any concerns develop.

In the meantime, tomato supplies are improving out of the west as production is ramping up out of Baja and SoCal on vine ripe tomatoes. We are seeing a tighter bean market and this is mostly weather driven.

But guess what…we are returning to BANANA NORMALCY! Things are looking really positive in the supply chain from the source going forward from the heavily impacted banana growing regions which is great news for supply, availability, pricing and consistency.

Limes have begun to make a seasonal shift as rainy season has begun. Larger fruit is becoming more readily available and smaller fruit is beginning to tighten up a bit. Overall though, there is good volume and quality that is continuing to cross through Texas.

West Coast:

Lettuces overall, are good! Plants are exhibiting good colour, texture and quality. However, due to the heatwaves we’ve been seeing on the West Coast we are seeing some occasional fringe burn at the field level. Pricing is remaining steady.

Peppers Good quality overall, however we are watching out for potential quality issues such as sun-scalding and sizing as crops mature. Red Bell Peppers may experiencing some browning also known as “chocolate” when the pepper turns from green to red because of extreme growing temperatures such as what we have experienced; however growers will be trying to pick ahead to protect the plants and fruit from the heat.

Strawberries Volumes are slowly down trending through to the end of July; however we are not expecting significant impacts of fruit quality or harvest volume due to temperatures.

Blueberries Southern West Coast has finished for the season and we’ll be monitoring the Pacific Northwest from their recent heatwave. New Jersey volume will continue to be low volumes but they will be increasing due to the passing of Tropical Storm Elsa.

Raspberries Oxnard is continue with peak production and we are seeing good sizing and quality overall; however surprise heat events could reduce volume. Santa Maria has also reported medium sized fruit with good colour and flavour!

Navel Oranges Late navels are still available. Quality is decent but we are seeing some softness as we await over this week and the next for more supply coming from imports.

Limes Availability increased and consistency is seen from harvests! However, the market isn’t still a bit volatile with the larger sizes however we do expect some relief as we come into July! **We do need to be cautious of the weather as there are expectations for a higher probability for an active hurricane season.

East Coast:

Tomatoes: Rounds, Romas, Grapes, Cherry will be closely monitored as demand still increasing coupled with supply gradually decreasing this past week as we have transitioned over to South GA. We’ll be awaiting new crop over the coming weeks with quality and ripeness being mixed. The same goes for product out of Mexico.

Green Beans: We are seeing extremely tight numbers in the east this week due to weather impacts by Tropical Storm Elsa. Couple this with the heatwave out of the west coast. This will cause active markets for the next couple of weeks we suspect.

French Beans: With tight supply available on green beans, we may see a more active market on the French Bean front.


Freight rates continue to rise and we aren’t seeing any relief with regards to transportation as demand continues to climb. The demand for trucks and drivers as more and more are needed for the transport of vaccines and COVID-19 related supplies across the US and Canada which has of course affected freight rates of our perishables. We and our partner distributors in the US continue to work and negotiate the best rates with reliable companies and hope you understand the challenges faced with this aspect in the supply chain.

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Heirloom Lettuce – Mixed…IT’S BACK! From White Lily Farms! Enjoy some Red Oak, Green Oak, Red Gem, Green Gem and the notorious Ice Queen Lettuce (Wavy Iceberg)

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Cool Imports

Pinkglow Pineapple…It’s Pink. It’s a Pineapple. It’s EXCLUSE. Dazzle up that appetizer or dessert!

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Finger Limes…The caviar of the fruit world!

And of course…don’t ever hesitate to reach out! Contact your Account Manager, email us at, and yes ALWAYS slide into the DMs.


Cilantro has been adversely affected by higher temperatures. This can affect shelf life and pre-mature yellowing on some leaves which were over-exposed to direct sunlight.


Supplies are light and we’ll expect escalated pricing over the next couple of weeks.


Sizing and Availability will be improving in the coming weeks over all as we’ve seen some issues with the larger to jumbo sizes in the past few weeks.


We’re starting to level out from previous weeks’ shortages. And we’re still some difficulty due to increased demand on larger sizing.