Market Report July 4th, 2022

This Weeks Market Updates

North America is seeing a lot of heat pressure in the southeast this week that could bring crops on early or potentially damage them.. We are starting to see shorter supply this week on bell pepper and soft squash as harvests start their seasonal transition from South Georgia to Tennessee. Corn is very tight due to this years 4th of July record breaking retail needs.

South Georgia, and Quincy, Florida are winding down on tomatoes while local tomatoes are ramping up in South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, and North Carolina. Coming in hot is Tennessee as they ramp up over the next several weeks. And finally, In the west we are seeing more volume out of the Central Valley and Baja on all tomato varieties.

Markets on red and green cabbage remain tight this week; overall markets are steady.


Green Bell PepperVolume has shrunk in the last week as the transition from the desert to the Central Valley is underway. Supply will improve over the week.
Red Bell PepperGood supply and quality available out of Canada and Mexico. California will have very limited supply on #1 fruit through the first week of July.
Yellow Bell PepperGood supply and quality available out of Canada and Mexico but #1 fruit quality is quickly declining in the desert.

Quality on the import fruit is strong with deep dark green skin with very little blemish. In the east, due to the heat, we are seeing lighter color and some shelf life concerns.

Supply is snug this week due to the 4th of July holiday pull at US retail. We expect this to gradually improve late next week as the central valley and South Georgia will come online.

Green Cabbage: Quality is good; supplies saw a considerable decrease due to adverse weather but market remains active and well.
Red Cabbage: Market continues to be active with an extremely light supply coming from the USA.