Market Report – March 17th

AVOCADOS: Growers are controlling harvest volumes to maintain consistent overall supply. This may result in a slight increase in price as par levels are built up.

BANANAS: Product sourcing from non-storm impacted areas still continue to affect markets.

LIMES: Supplies on quality product is tight. Expect an increase in price.

WATERMELONS: Transition is approaching. Supply is limited. Expect increased pricing and expect a change in taste and visual appearance after cutting as crop matures.

New Product Update

We have a few exciting new seasonal offerings available

  • “We The Roots” Arugula
  • “We The Roots” Mizuna
  • “We The Roots” Napa Cabbage
  • “We The Roots” Treviso Radicchio
  • Endive Belgian – Red
  • Grape – Cotton Candy
  • Grape – Moscato Red
  • Lemons – Meyer
  • Orange – Blood
  • Orange – Cara Cara
  • Orange – Sumo
  • Pomello
  • Pears – Abati
  • Rhubarb
  • Romanesco