Market Report – Apr 26th

Okay so let’s run it down!

Strawberries…disaster this past week. But we should be AT LEAST in supply with them going forward and we hope this sustains. However, keep in mind; this is an escalated market at the moment due to the ever growing demand coupled low harvests as transition still persists. Transition is still happening and we expect this to continue for a couple more weeks at least.

Transportation…a quick expansion on this from last week. We are now seeing a record demand for trucks and drivers as the US emerges from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Rates are currently being driven up as more and more trucks are used for transport of vaccines and other emergency supplies. We expect to follow suit in Canada as more and more of our communities are approved for vaccines.

LOCAL…OKAYYYY now to the good stuff!

Are you ready for Ontario………………….ASPARAGUS?!?!?!? It’s coming soon! It’s going to be up there in pricing as is always the case with first crop in the local market…but we just can’t wait to get our hands on them! Now are you grilling them? Baking them? What? What? We want to know…we NEED to know!

Ramps are….BACK! We’re getting a re-supply of Ramps on Monday! We won’t have time to have them cleaned for you because of the weather we’ve been having the past few days…but hey, at least we got them!

Wild Fennel…it’s here! Are you daring enough to brew up some fennel tea? Because that sounds actually soooo fragrant! But also, add to your salads and your salads and your meats!

Cool Imports…Yes…we flew some in. But…WHAT?

WHITE ASPARAGUSAA size. They are firm. They are thick. They CRUNCH! Grown in the dark. Flown in from Holland…a perfect milder and some say…sweeter addition to any meal!

GHOST PEPPERS…we’ll leave this here. You can pick it up.

Say CHEESE!…Grana Padano in full effect and in a massive 1/8th wheel, DIRECT from Italy, weighing in at 4.6 KG…did you say all that in your head like a WWF announcer? Yes, we said WWF. We’re old and we are OG. And his tag team partner…Pecorino Romano weighing in at a sleek 150gr…Omg, okay we are done now. Have fun with the cheeses!

And of course…don’t ever hesitate to reach out! Contact your Account Manager, email us at, and yes ALWAYS slide into the DMs.


What a trying week it has been! First Strawberries, then Blueberries. We just hope Raspberries and Blackberries stay steady with supply! Expect Berries of all varieties to escalate in pricing as transition between Yuma and Salinas continues. We’re simply all shopping from a smaller pool of items with a shorter shelf life.


Current yields are down as cooler weather in CA has slowed production. Quality however still remains good, but we do expect pricing to escalate a little bit next week if current demand remains.


We’ve seen some good harvest improvements out of Mexico, however we are approaching Cinco De Mayo. Prices will slightly escalate as we come into the first week of May with extremely active markets in play. We just hope weather maintains and we don’t see freezing temps in the growing regions which we experienced last year. We’ll see an increase of less mature/more green fruit coming out of Mexico and CA with increased demand until we see relief out of Peru in the tail end of May.


Due to recent rain, volume has tightened back up with quality mixed. We SHOULD see some relief over the next 10-14 days as transition to South GA begins. Nogales supply is beginning to wind down. Supplies will be tight and we expect some escalation in pricing.