Thanksgiving Holiday Hours | Market Report October 4th

Holiday Hours

Friday, October 8th – OPEN – Regular Hours

Saturday, October 9th – OPEN – Regular Hours

Sunday, October 10th – Open – Retail Stores Only

Monday, October 11th – CLOSED

Tuesday, October 12th – OPEN – Regular Hours Resume

Weekly Market Rundown

What we’re seeing: 

The avocado market continues to struggle at the moment on larger sized fruit out of California and Mexico with pricing being escalated due to it’s high demand. Peruvian supply is on the horizon and trickling into the supply chain providing relief.

There is improved production on Round and Grape Tomatoes out of Central Mexico, however we are seeing lighter production and also yield losses on Romas due to weather which will likely cause escalated pricing due to ongoing demand.

We’ll continue to observe areas hit by flooding in the northeast as we expect severe crop loss as growers close their seasons, but we are starting to see some relief from the south east growing regions for the fall harvest in Georgia and South Carolina.

We still are seeing an extremely high increase in demand for mushrooms. Challenges we are facing at the moment are a delay in growing supplies for some varieties but also the change in day-to-day air temperature as we transition into autumn weather affecting mushroom growth as growing rooms now have to compete with levelling out incoming air temperature more than usual. This will affect overall yields on some days.

Honeybrown and White Beech delays continue from overseas. We are still seeing a delay at port, on the rails, and the backlog at the train yard as containers await customs release. Availability has been inconsistent as we continue to await supply with demand staying high consistently.

Garlic (Peeled) is still also affected at this time as demand is still high coupled with delayed arrivals and transition; which is affecting overall shelf life. We expect for this to level out in the next few weeks barring no more shipping delays.


Lettuces: We are seeing Romaine and Romaine Heart production continue to trend lower. Quality issues at the field level are being experienced which is resulting in reduced yields. On the bright side, plants that are healthy are showing good colour and texture and quality overall, however, we will be subject to occasional fringe burn. Demand is steady with a higher demand on Romaine Hearts resulting in escalated pricing. Iceberg supply continues to be lower than normal and we are still seeing some quality issues at field level. Overall, quality remains good however weights are slightly lower. Green and Red Leaf overall production and quality is good. We continue to see good green colour and texture.

Peppers: Product is lighter on Green out of the south as transition from North Carolina to South Georgia is on the horizon which will escalate pricing. Red & Yellow, supply is excellent as is quality.

Green Beans: We continue to see very light production due to weather however over the next few weeks we are expecting production to ramp up out of South Georgia. This has caused escalated markets however we do expect to fall back in line coming inoto the holidays barring no extreme weather issues as we move into Florida after South Georgia.

Zucchini | Green/Yellow: Supply is coming in strong out of North Carolina this week however as expected we are seeing delays out of the north east due to weather. We continue to wait a few more weeks until South Georgia is starting to harvest.


Strawberries: Volume is expected to gradually increase over the next several weeks. We do have production declining out of Watsonville and Salinas, however upward trends from Santa Maria, Oxnard and Central Mexico will offset those decreases. We do need to keep in mind that volatile weather may be on the horizon however at this time, nothing disruptive is expected.

Blackberries: Supply from the US will descend over the next couple of weeks, however Central Mexico will begin this week and produce the bulk of supply until late October. We also will have supply coming out of Baja with good size and flavour.

Blueberries: BC has ended, and Oregon will be in their last week of production. Baja has started along with the Peruvian season. Baja production is in their fall peak.

Raspberries: Lighter supply is expected out of all California regions due to lower yields however the outlook does remain steady as Central Mexico will be contributing supply to increased demand. We do expect a gap in production at the end of September but will suddenly increase in October/November.

Lemons: Coachella, CA and Yuma, AZ are gearing up for harvesting new crop.

Limes: Market continues to stabilize, however pricing is high and quality still remains hit and miss with heavy scarring.

TomatoesRounds are escalated due to a slow down in production and lighter inventory for the next several weeks as we transition back to Florida. The same goes for Romas.

LOCAL…We’ve got some new selections below and we can’t wait for the season to build with more!

Cauliflower Orange…aka…CHEDDAR! No, it doesn’t taste like cheese.

Cauliflower Purple…SO COOL!


Grape ConcordFeel it in your cheeks!

Pumpkin Pie…Minis!

Puntarelle…likely everyone’s favourite Chicory

Radishes Bunched – Breakfast…Such an elegant radish for your rad dish.

Squash Buttercup…KABOCHA

Squash Honeynut…Butternut…but better

Squash – Delicata (Potato)…IT’S BACK!!!

Tomato Baby Heirloom Medley…The famous Baby Heirlooms from Bosco Farms

Turnips – Baby Bunched…A fan favourite!


Supply is the biggest challenge as both of these products are in transition. We are seeing delays affecting shelf-life which has affected overall availability until the next inbound shipment.


Yields are down and demand is strong with prices expected to escalate.


Markets are strong due to light volumes and the lack of good quality supply.


Ginger supplies have slightly improved however pricing is still escalated for the time being.


We are seeing an uptick in demand affecting pricing. Stock has been steady with fewer delays, however increased demand has escalated pricing.