Market Report – May 11th

We hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day weekend!

Quality and supply are good on most items as weather slowly begins to maintain in our new growing regions, but here’s a quick brief on what we have seen over the past week and what we can expect over the course of the next!

West Coast:

Avocados still remain active due to higher demand coupled with yield loss out of Mexico and estimates being revised down out of California as we await relief supply out of Peru. Cauliflower supply still remains light although we expect this to change within the next 7-10 days; if not sooner.

East Coast:

Supply will be tightened up on East Coast product namely Round Tomatoes and Roma Tomatoes as we transition to North FL/South GA. Green Beans will be ramping up out of South GA shortly as the season comes to an end out of Mexico with Coachella supply extremely light which has caused supply shortages and escalated pricing.


Unfortunately we aren’t seeing any relief with regards to transportation as demand continues to climb. The demand for trucks and drivers as more and more are needed for the transport of vaccines and COVID-19 related supplies across the US and Canada which has of course affected freight rates of our perishables. We and our partner distributors in the US continue to work and negotiate the best rates with reliable companies and hope you understand the challenges faced with this aspect in the supply chain.


LOCAL…We’ve got some new selections below and we can’t wait for the season to build with more!

Asparagus: Yes! The Ontario season is short. The price is still a bit high…but we hope you can enjoy it while you can!

Verpa Mushrooms: Sort of like a ‘fugazi’ morel! Get on them! Morels to follow!

Wild Garlic: Did you see how cool they were on our Instastory?

Ramps: Still going strong. Wow! Ramp Pesto, make it, stockpile it!


Cool Imports

White Asparagus AA…It’s back! Coming out of Holland! Add this cool item to contrast with your LOCAL GREEN Asparagus!

Carolina Reaper Peppers…Available now! Reach out to your account manager or email us to pre-book! It may take a week or so as these hotties fly in from Holland! Do you dare?

PEACHES…Available now! However keep in mind that these are the first pick of the season…so sizing is a little bit on the smaller side, and these WILL be firm. So you’ll need to let them ripen a little before enjoying them to the fullest. But we expect some really great product out of the California until Ontario starts!

And of course…don’t ever hesitate to reach out! Contact your Account Manager, email us at, and yes ALWAYS slide into the DMs.



Yields issues have affected overall supply because of cooler weather. Although we expect this to normalize soon, it has affected pricing due to continued demand.


Jumbo and Snack Pack sized carrot supplies are limited, however has not really affected pricing. We do expect these sizes to be more readily available in the coming weeks.


Supply was affected due to cooler weather which did escalate pricing. We do feel this will level out by next week.


We are still seeing some challenges in the Berry market with last week’s pull of Strawberries coming strong because of Mother’s Day. Quality has been great so far, but because transition has just finished; the high demand continues to keep prices escalated with new crop.